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Trill Flora was founded on the belief that flowers enhance our lives, brighten our day and offer us a moment of mindfulness and peace. 

Our seasonal subscription boxes are your ticket to utilizing the flowers around you in new and exciting ways. Each season you get the latest and greatest seasonal surprises to use in your next floral and indoor decor projects. 

Sign up today and get excited to start with our Spring Box, releasing in early 2020. 

How It Works
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Subscribe for our flower-craft kits and receive your starter kit to familiarize yourself with. 


Receive your seasonal box in the mail with your digital access code enclosed. 


Enjoy picking out your own flowers to incorporate with your new box. 


Log in with your code to watch demonstrations, get inspiration and show off your unique designs with our exclusive Flower Box community!

Learn Something New.
Create something Beautiful!
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What Do You Get?

This is actually the best part, because Each Season is Different! 

Every box includes a new crafty kit to put all your beautiful flowers to work for you. With tapes, glues, wires and vessels, you can count on something trendy, fun, and of course, themed for the season.

Learn new ways to bring more flowers into your life! Every project is fun to put together, whether it uses vases, wreaths, terrariums, and more. 

PLUS specialty items from designer brands keep the boxes exciting and full of flower-themed treats.

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