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Dried Flower Wreaths | Fall

When I became a wedding florist I didn't expect I'd find myself staying up late making door wreaths for the masses. But I can't complain, as I really enjoy doing it! With autumn coming to an end I thought I'd share 3 of the autumn wreaths I got to make this season.

Dried flower wreaths are well suited to the end of the year, when gardens are yellowing and preparing themselves for a cold winter. They offer a very organic feel to a front door, and look great from a distance while revealing their striking complexities the closer you approach. Perfect for a front door!

Every flower, grass and green in these wreaths is real product that has been dried. And because they were dried correctly before designing with them, they should last a couple years if stored well. And by that, I mean dried flowers are fragile and brittle and need more than a garbage bag tied around it to keep those flowers safe from bumps and throws and digging through your holiday closet.

All that being said, here they are, modeled by my front door.

Drum roll please....

This was the very first one I did, though it's not my favorite anymore. I had to post it, as it was the starting point on which all others were launched from.

It has dried spray roses hiding in there, as well as some berries and amaranthus.

This one was the largest one I made, with the sweeping Broom Grass on the bottom for an accent. And the bow is easy to remove, and filled with flowers underneath it, to make it optional.

You'll notice a pattern in what flowers were used on these wreaths. They all have strawflowers, thistle, and could grass. Unfortunately I wasn't planning to do autumn wreaths months ahead, so I was at the mercy of the local Growers Market for all their dried product. Strawflowers dry so well you can almost always find them dried with a supplier in the fall.

These last two wreaths also have a fiery solidago I bought fresh and dried myself, It was just too perfect to not use.

So here you are. A sampling of fall. I'm currently working on some winter wreaths I'll be shipping tomorrow. I'm SO excited for how those are turning out, I'm sure I'll post more about them soon.

If you want a sneak-peak you can glance them as I finish them on my Instagram here!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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