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Below is the introduction post as it first appeared on the Flirty Fleurs blog last month. Enjoy!

I am pleased to announce a new contributing writer for the Flirty Fleurs blog, Rachel Evans Heath. Rachel and I met a few years ago when she attended one of my floral design classes. We’ve kept in touch and worked on projects together since that first class a few years ago. You will be seeing Rachel’s articles regularly here on Flirty Fleurs as she shares her perspective on matters in the floral industry.

Rachel has two passions in life: flowers and books.

One day while working in the book industry as an event coordinator and marketing manager, (her dream job), Rachel cracked open a random floral magazine and found a picture of a bridal bouquet made entirely out of sweet peas. Having loved flowers her whole life, and grown up in a home where flowers were very present, both inside and out, she was amazed to have found a bloom she’d never seen or noticed before. (She defends that she did grow up in the mountainous desert of Salt Lake City, after all.)

From there she fell quickly down the rabbit hole. After working in books for 11 years the world of floral design kept calling to her. She took a risk and restarted her career, this time in the floral industry.

First working in a flower shop, she started at the bottom of the ladder, doe-eyed and hungry to learn. Four years later she runs her own floral business, Trill Flora, in the greater Seattle area.

She strongly believes there is always more to be learned from others and is grateful for Flirty Fleurs and the opportunities of inspiration and imagination it offers the world of floral designers.

“I discovered Flirty Fleurs at a time in my floral career that had left me feeling discouraged and on the brink of regret for the career shifts I had made. Flirty Fleurs filled me with inspirations and opened my eyes and heart to my own potential. I’m so grateful to be a part of it in any capacity, with the hopes that I may one day help another struggling designer find confidence to achieve their own aspirations.” -Rachel

Welcome Rachel! We look forward to the future insights you will be sharing with us as a contributing writer here on Flirty Fleurs Blog!

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