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A Room with a View : April and Doug's Wedding

Two lawyers walk into a room... a room with a perfect, Seattle-skyline view.

April and Doug were both so kind and sweet to work and plan with. Their vision was to have a copper-pipe arbor and deck it out with vines and greenery. So that’s what we did.

With a light and simple arbor frame, I used various greens, including some lovely hops vines. They draped across the top perfectly, almost creating a home-trellis feel.

(Confession: I had never worked with hops before this wedding. And as I learned the hard way, you should always wear gloves AND a long sleeve shirt. I’m lucky to not be allergic to very many things. But man oh man, that hops... can you say hives anyone?)

For foliage placement, I went with my favorite asymmetrical shaping: Heavy up high, above the bride, and light on the opposite side, framing the groom.

The room was almost all windows, looking out at the Seattle skyline. The perfect backdrop. And as the light shone in, past the arbor, it would light up the negative space around the individual leaves and hops, silhouetting April and Doug.

Their welcome table arrangement stood tall in a gold compote, designed with sculptural greens and seasonal white dahlias. A classic PNW combo. It was one of my favorite pieces to design that season, because anything with negative space is where it’s at for me.

For their cocktail tables they wanted a wild, and loose greenery. Using my bronze bud vases to play off the modern, metallic themes, I added a few wild sprigs of greens, complete with a couple stems of mint. Because mint and cocktails are a match made in heaven.

Their dining centerpieces also followed suit, with wild and loose greens, but adding in the white dahlias to add weight and tie in to their welcome arrangement. These were also placed in gold vessels, but this time boxes.

Do you see the metallic patterns yet? Copper, bronze, gold...? We opted out of using silver this time. And I think it was the right choice.

April told me she wanted pinks and whites for her bouquet. So I chose some fluffy, pink double lisianthus to pair with our white dahlias. Then I added in some floaty scabiosa and a few textural astrantia to fill.

She had a beautiful, meaningful brooch of her late grandmother’s to add to the bouquet ribbons. So we pinned it on to complete the sentiment and the look. I love when a bride brings something personal like that to their bouquet, and they can take that special person down the aisle with them. I really do get a little misty when I think about it too much. And the brooch was so lovely. It paired so well with the elegance of the bouquet. It was perfect.

The perfectly complete wedding above the city.

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