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A Garden Full of Autumn

Tessa and Andrew’s wedding was all about fall vibes. They married at Black Diamond Gardens, which provided a beautiful backdrop and so many fun autumn colors to play with.

For their feature color, Tessa and Andrew chose burgundy. From there we created a palate of burgundies and golds. We focused on texture over color variation, knowing the gardens would provide a much wider color range. And as I’ve written about recently, focusing on one color and building the palate around that gave us much more wiggle room to get things right.

Tessa’s bouquet was a great example of this. It featured mostly burgundies, but many, many textures. When I first arrived and handed her the bouquet, her face lit up. It was one of those moments that made all the hard work we’d put into this wedding so fulfilling. The bouquet played into the autumn scenery and was just perfect for Tessa.

​Andrew’s boutonniere also featured lots of textures and just a hint of coral tones alongside the burgundy.

For the ceremony we attached a very light garland onto the property’s onsite arbor, and added cute little clusters of flowers along the aisle to bring in more color and depth. These flowers showed more of the color palate range. Being outside there were already so many beautiful, natural elements that we didn’t need to enhance the space very much.

I’m all about repurposing and reusing, so after the ceremony we transformed the aisle flowers into centerpieces. On top of the long farm tables, we created runners of ferns and greenery, then finished the look with candles and flowers. The burgundy centerpieces really popped in their gold vases and gave just the right punch of color. The greenhouse where the dinner took place can be a visually busy space, so we kept things clean and not over-complicated.

We also displayed Tessa’s bouquet during the dinner, alongside the cake. Seatown Sweets created the adorable woodland, quaking aspen cake. We decorated the top with a few flowers. Like the rest of the wedding, it didn't take much to make a big impact.

Tessa and Andrew kept things clean and classy for their autumn garden wedding, and it couldn’t have turned out dreamier.

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