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Thinking Outside the Box When Designing with Flowers

When planning flowers for an event, most people immediately think of little centerpieces in the middle of tables that people can eye while eating. Those are a staple at special events for a reason, and we we all love seeing them, but there is so much more that can be done with florals that might not initially come to mind.

Event florals can transform your space. How so? The best way to answer that question is by figuring out what your theme is. Let’s dive in with some hypothetical examples.

Garden Party

A garden themed party is a very popular choice, and most likely one you've seen done before. Who hasn’t dreamt that they could transport into The Secret Garden? A garden party can be much, much more than just flowers in vases. But there are so many directions you can take it.

Imagine a spring orchard theme featuring full branches of real blossoms. These can arch overhead, either on an arbor or somehow incorporated into an interesting feature of the venue’s space like rafters. Petals can float freely, littering the ground like a windblown spring day.

Another option is creating an overgrown garden. Vines can crawl up walls, down curtains, even over benches that guests sit on. You could add flowers and make curtains of blooms that hang in front of windows or walls or even doors.

Think of the many different types of gardens you’ve walked through, all the varying elements you may have enjoyed. Knowing they can be recreated with the help of florals, you can start to imagine how nearly limitless the possibilities are.


Here in the very green Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by trees and gigantic forests. Many here choose a woodland theme, which creates a seamless experience moving between indoor and outdoor spaces. Regardless of where you live, so much can be done to transform your space into a forest wonderland.

Huge cedar stumps can be rolled in and covered with moss, then used as display tables or a place to set escort cards. Moss can also litter tabletops. All sorts of greenery could trail out of terrariums. Use ferns in front of the bar, and sprinkle flower petals on the top. Hang vines from chandeliers, or have them trail up the strings of balloons, or loop and drape and grow wild all over the place.

Or what about a rain forest? Some of the products will change to more tropical plants, but the same ideas apply. A snow-dusted, coniferous forest would be magical for a winter party with boughs of evergreens draped around the room. Again, so many options and directions to take things.


An under the sea theme doesn’t immediately scream florals, but a variety of products can create that look. Greenery can float up walls and from the ceiling to become a kelp forest. Coral reefs contain a huge variety of colors and textures, and flowers or succulents can mimic that.

Another direction would be a beach party. Again, greenery could create kelp or seaweed that’s washed ashore along with seashells and driftwood. You could go more tropical with palm leaves drooping overhead and potted tropical flowers blooming in front of the bar.

For any sort of ocean or water theme, flowers can float on the surface of a pool or water feature to bring attention to that element and further immerse guests into the party’s motif.

...I could go on and on with ideas for themes and incorporating florals. The bottom line is that when you have a fun theme, the possibilities are almost endless for how flowers and greenery can transform your space. Florals don’t have to be the feature, but with their support an ordinary tent or warehouse room can transport guests to a new world that they’ll never forget.

Want to see more event flower inspiration? Join me on Pinterest!

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