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Get Excited!

I have so much GREAT STUFF to share with you, so come and claim it!

I've been working hard to put together a supply of freebies, how-to's, tips and tricks... THE GOODS! Any new release will go past you first. Any time we open up DISCOUNTS or new, exclusive courses, you can count on having first dibs.


We'll talk about gardening, wedding planning, flower care, and of course flower arranging and designs. What's not to love?! And if there's something else you want to learn more about, let us know and we'll help anyway we can.

So brace yourself for a good time, because that's what we're going to have! 

Starting With These!

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 3.30.36 PM.png
Get my downloadable pdf:
complete wedding flower checklist
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Have you seen my FREE tutorial for 
DIY boutonnieres?
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