Meet Rachel 

Flowers and Planning


Hey friends, I'm Rachel.

I'm a nature-loving city girl who loves most when I can combine the two. 

If I'm not in my home studio or office, I'm probably inside, wearing my favorite slippers,  trying to feed my twin toddlers while I eat cold pizza and play make-believe with my young daughter.


I love working to make a client’s day beautiful and personalized. Carefully selecting from only the best blooms and foliages on the market, I take great joy in both the planning and creating for a special event. Let’s work together and turn your vision into a reality. 

Let's make your big day beautiful!


Rachel lives in the greater Seattle area but is currently available for travel worldwide

Why Do I Care So Much?

Listen, I wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves to feel special on their wedding day, and flowers have the power to do that! Give anyone a bouquet of flowers and watch as it lights up their face. These living beauties are some of the greatest gems the natural world has to offer. They take any ordinary moments and make them extraordinary. 

I would be lying to say I loved the flowers I had at my wedding. They're now one of my biggest regrets from that day. And though it's not the end of the world, it's a bit of a bummer.


The flowers are in most of your pictures. They set the seen for your guests when they first arrive, telling everyone what sort of evening lies ahead. 

So maybe it's because I wish I could go back and tell myself as a bride to care a little more about the flowers. Or maybe it's just because I don't want anyone else to have those same regrets. I couldn't say for sure. But I really care about you as my client. I'm going to care about your flowers. And I care that you feel special and love your wedding day and decor. I want you to only look back with pride and joy at the aesthetic that surrounded you on your very special day.


With the right floral recipes and a creative vision, flowers can transform any space into a reflection of the couple. Your wedding day should feel personalized, and give your guests a glimpse into who you two are as a couple. 

So let's sit down and get to know each other. We'll get a vision of who you are and what we want your special day to look like. Let's find a design that looks and feels like you!