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Subscribe for our flower-craft kits and receive your first box in early March.

Receive access to your digital video library via email or watch for instruction inside your box.

Enjoy picking out whatever flowers on your own that you wish to incorporate with your new box. 

Create your arrangement then get some inspiration and show off your unique designs with our exclusive Flora Fun Box community!


  • Seasonal Boxes

  • Access to  our full digital video library

  • Access to a community of other subscribers and floral designers

Hellooo Spring!
Our Spring 2020 Box is here! Take a look at the goodies planned for you!

Welcome the Spring blossoms with your Spring Flora Fun box.  

Shipping the first week of March, you'll receive your box with the Spring-demo video codes.


*NOTE that you need a specialized florist tape (see here) to complete your Spring Box activity kit. Or add on a Starter Kit: the tape is included!

What's in the Starter Kit? 

All the professional tools and equipment that you can't find anywhere else!

  • 1 Florist Snips ($37 value)

  • 1 Florist Pruner ($35 value)

  • 1 Professional Wire Cutters ($40 value)

  • 1 Flower Cold Glue ($15 value)

  • 1 Green Bowl Flower Tape ($9 value)

  • 1 Clear Bowl Flower Tape ($7 value)

(=$140 value for $120 USD)

​OR bundle and save $30 on your Starter Kit when you order your seasonal box!

Get Inspired!
Join our community and see what others are creating.

Do I need a starter kit? 

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Each season's activity kit will include a different project that requires specific, professional-grade items from the starter kit. Many of these items are difficult to find outside the professional floral industry, will cost more to hunt down individually, and can not be substituted. Each season's box we offer the option to add on individual pieces from the Starter Kit with you seasonal box, you'll find it's a much better value to invest in a Starter Kit early, and pull from it whenever you need. Plus the tools you get are professional grade and can't be beat! 

Learn more about our starter kits here!

And remember, you can claim a discount on your Starter Kit if you bundle it with your quarterly or yearly subscription!

Can I Cancel My Subscription After Signing Up? 


We offer two subscription plans. Our quarterly plan allows you to cancel after your first box has been charged and delivered. 

Our yearly plans charge you every year for all 4 seasonal boxes. You can cancel your plan after the first year. 

Can I get just the seasonal box without a yearly subscription? 


We offer both quarterly and yearly plans. When you opt for the quarterly plan you can always go in and cancel your subscription before your next seasonal box arrives. 

Do the boxes include flowers?


Our boxes teach you how to design with the flowers already around you. Together, with our starter kit, you'll provide everything else you need to put your project together. Our video library even offers you tutorials on picking out flowers at the local store, or cutting them from your garden. 

When will I receive my first box? 


If this is your first time signing up for a subscription, your starter kit will arrive via ground shipping in 7 to 10 days after your first purchase. Your seasonal boxes ship the first weeks of March, June, September and January. 

What subscription plans do you offer? 

Two Options:

You can sign up to pay quarterly for each seasonal box, or yearly if you want to buy all 4 at once and save! Cha-ching! $

Do the seasonal box contents repeat each year? 


Each seasonal box has beautiful, new products and activities. Though there may be some cross-over at times in the mechanics and techniques applied to each activity kit, our goal is to teach you something new and create something unique and different with every box. 

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