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Featured Fiori: Anemone

Inspired by the lovely anemones filling the flower markets this time of year, this week is dedicated to the Anemone.

Anemones are in season October to May and they are at their very best in the spring. They come in an assortment of colors, but white are the must-have color for most growers to provide. If you're lucky you'll find some white ones with a hint of another hue. Like the white and peach featured in the image below. Gorgeous, right?

Below is an assortment of anemone eye candy for you. Enjoy!

image Karen Wise Photography

image Ariel Dearie Flowers

image Alison Events

image Ashley Tingley Photography

image Ariel Dearie Flowers

image via Pinterest

image Flirty Fleurs

image Brooke Schultz Photographer

image JL Designs

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