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Featured Fiori: Ranunculus

The ranunculus is quickly becoming a favorite flower to everyone, (I know it's one of mine), and it's easy to see why.

They are available most of the year, but are at their best from January to May. If you're looking for them during the hottest summer months, July-September, you may run into some difficulty getting your hands on anything good. Last year I know all the South American crops were blooming far too small for most bouquet work, just giving us more reason to source from our local farmers, right?

So, like all flowers, it can sometimes be tricky to acquire those picture-perfect blooms we always see on Pinterest and Instagram. But when we do, it is oh-so worth it!

For example...

image Park Floral Design

image Bloom Bloom

image Shannon Von Eschen

image Bella Fiori

image Chanel Rose

image Mary Ruffle and House of Turquoise

image Pinterest

image Quatre Coeur

image Rebel Rabbit Photography

image Cornelia McNamera

image Meg Catherine Flowers

image Tulipina

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