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Featured Fiori: Hyacinth

Mmmm... You can smell springtime in the air-- that potpourri of tree blossoms and budding blooms from the garden.

I've had an arrangement of daffodils and hyacinth in my dining room and I can't help but lean my nose closer every time I go by. The fragrance of hyacinth is that classic, Spring smell for me. It makes me want to kick my shoes off and read a book out on the grass with my toes in the sun.

This is probably because my mom grew a lot of hyacinth bulbs in her garden. It's one of those flowers that people love for gardens, but might forget to include in their cut arrangements. But it's totally worth bringing it inside, even for the aroma alone.

I think these dynamic blooms are rather pretty in a vase. And versatile. They bring a beautiful texture and depth to any arrangement. They come in a variety of colors, but better yet, you can use their blooms in a variety of ways.

See for yourself...

Image via Love Peace Flowers

Image via Jacqueline Ahne

Image via Michael George

Image via Karen Tran

Image via Ariston Flowers

Image via Isari Design

Image via Chestnuts in the Tuileries

Image via Planet Flowers

Image via Paul Hawkins Flowers

Image via Solomon Bloemen

Image via Hilary Miles Flowers

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