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Featured Fiori: Hellebore

I'm going to be honest: I didn't know what a hellebore was until about... 5 months ago. And not only can I now not get enough of them, my winters will now never be the same.

These moody beauties bloom in the winter and early spring of only a couple climates-zones in the USA. You heard me right: a flower that blooms during the winter in certain parts of North America. And I'm not talking about Florida and Hawaii. (Sorry Minnesota, you're a bit too cold to make the cut.)

Photo Credit: Anna Flora

They are frost resistant and many are evergreen, in that they never lose their leaves throughout the year. So when they're not blooming, you still have a lovely green shrub to enjoy. And bonus: they like the shade, giving you one more flower to plant along that shaded end of your yard.

They do bloom here in the Pacific Northwest, thus my introduction to them, and I've seen them flowering since February, and they're still going.

Photo Credit: Francoise Weeks

The flowers often face downward as they grow, making them great for hanging baskets. And as for arranging with them, they make a lovely job of draping over the edge of your container, breaking that visual line.

They come in a multitude of hybrid varieties. See how many different kinds you can spot in the pictures below. Which variety do you think is your favorite?

Photo Credit: Mayesh Wholesale

Photo Credit: Flirty Fleurs

Designer Unknown

Photo Credit: Love n Fresh Flowers

Photo Credit: Floral Deco

Photo Credit: Saipua

Photo Credit: Flirty Fleurs

Photo Credit: Floral Deco

Image Credit:

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