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My Top 5 Books on Flowers for All Ages

I am what you call a bookworm.

A lot of it is founded by my natural love for books, but it was very much fueled by my mother who has worked in the book industry since I was in elementary school. So not only did I like a good story, but most of my life has been garnished with really GOOD books. And how can you not learn to love reading if you keep opening one good book after the other?

What does this have to do with flowers?

For me, everything.

It was through the bright and expansive world of reading that I came to recognize a comparable passion for flowers. Whether it be a work of fiction or a nature guide, I was repeatedly drawn to books about flowers.

I guess I technically always knew I LIKED flowers, but I didn't realize just how much. In high school I mused with my friends about opening a bookshop that also sold flowers. My friends would say something like, "Yeah! And cupcakes! Or Chocolate. No. HOT chocolate!" And I would politely agree, while really thinking, "No. Just the flowers and books, thank you."

Well, I don't own a flower and book shop. Nor do I think I want to anymore, but I would say I'm not too far off.

I worked as a specialized bookseller during college and a marketing manager and events coordinator in the book world after I graduated. Add in the 5+ winters before all that when I was working as a gift wrapper at my favorite indie bookstore and you have nearly 15 years of "professional" life surrounded by books.

After moving to a new state with my husband I realized I had an opportunity to try something new. So I decided to finally give flowers a try. I had already taken a class or two on floral design, just for fun, but this is when I really got into it.

Fast forward to where I am now with flowers and I feel pretty good about the way things turned out.

So now, I will treat everyone to a list of some of my favorite books on flowers.

Feel free to find a cozy corner, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy some of these literary treasures. And who knows, maybe in a few years you'll find yourself walking into an entirely different career path, like I did!

For Babies and Young Children

The Secret Garden by Jen Adams

Think of it as "Baby's first guide to flowers". My daughter loves it.

Tip: If you order it from The King's English Bookshop you can order a signed and personalized copy from the author!

Literary Non-Fiction

Seven Flowers and How They Shaped Our World, by Jennifer Potter

This one speaks to the lover-of-all-things-humanities in me.


The Language of Flowers, by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

This book literally changed my life.

Best gardening resource

The Complete Garden Flower Book

Hey, I love gardening too! Where there are gardens there are flowers!

It may not be in print anymore, as I found it at Powell's in Portland. (A treasure trove of books both old and new!)

Floral Arranging 101

Flowers A to Z, by Cecelia Hefferman

My very first arranging book. I still love it.

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