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Creating the Perfect Bouquet for a Forest Photoshoot

One of my favorite bouquets that I have ever designed was for a styled bridal shoot at Franklin Falls in Snoqualmie National Forest. I had free reign on the design, so I used a purple pallet and included all different hues to create a layered effect.

The colors ranged from dark burgundy to light lavender, and I even included touches of white. Every flower and piece of greenery used in this bouquet played together perfectly.

I purposely designed this bouquet in a V shape with lots of lines coming out of it. I loved the opportunity to play with shape and break free of the “roundy moundy” look.

Starting with the greens, I chose feather acacia with purple tips that melted the purple pallet into the coloring of the greenery. Melding with that, I used blackberries, special hybrid delphiniums, burgundy lisianthus, and pops of white tweedia. This bouquet was all about the textures.

The clematis dancing on top was my favorite element—an exciting addition, since you don’t get to put clematis into a bouquet very often.

For the groom’s boutonniere, I pulled in many of the same elements from the bouquet, taking a few florets of delphinium and adding scabiosa pods, blackberries, burgundy dahlias, that lovely purple feather acacia, and a few sprigs of lavender. Overall, this created a very textured and full boutonniere that matched the feeling of the bouquet.

The textural qualities of the bouquet played perfectly into the setting of the forest. We were surrounded by layers of trees, mosses, and greens that are found in abundance in the Pacific Northwest, and the rocky waterfall provided a breathtaking backdrop.

The end result was a beautiful bouquet for a beautiful couple.

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