Within SODO Open House

Updated: Nov 25, 2019


Every now and then I get to dress up a venue, set up a booth and meet new potential clients. I always love it, because I’m a mega extravert and meeting a line of strangers who are in the process of planning their wedding gets me pumped to chat. I mean, hello. I CHOSE to work in the wedding industry. I can talk weddings all day!

This last week I worked at Within SODO with one of my favorite planners to collaborate with: Lauren from Flying Anchor Events.

When styling a venue for a photoshoot or open house, (or in this case, both), we vendors often like to play with the ideas that don’t get asked of us too often. And seeing as I’m all about taking a couple and finding a way to reflect their personalities into their ceremony and flowers, I asked Lauren to give me a profile of the fictitious couple we were creating our ceremony sample for.

She happily offered up the concept of a young couple who loved to hike on the weekends with their dogs, worked computer-tech jobs in downtown Seattle on during the week, and really wanted to get married in the Pacific Northwest Forest. But because it’s a wedding, they had chosen to get married indoors instead.

With her awesome mood board and a few of my own additional ideas thrown in, we came up with the following: