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Bonnie and Kevin's Mountain Springtime Wedding

Bonnie and Kevin Mountain Springtime Wedding

On a gorgeous May weekend in Mt. Rainier National Forest, Bonnie walked down the aisle to marry Kevin. Their cozy, mountain setting needed only a few floral embellishments for their small ceremony with family and friends.

In planning out her flowers, after our scattered communications whilst Bonnie was traipsing through the mountains of Argentina, we finally got to sit down and chat about her wedding flowers in person. It didn’t take long to learn that Bonnie had a special place in her heart for dahlias. Many people associate specific flowers to beloved places or people. These are the flowers that can bring an extra level of sentimentality to something as special as a wedding bouquet.

And so it was decided. We were going to find dahlias for Bonnie’s May wedding. If you’re unfamiliar with dahlias, just know this, they usually start blooming around early July.

But I was committed. I make it a point of maintaining relationships with at least a dozen local flower growers in the state of Washington, where I live, as well as suppliers from California and Oregon who source flowers along the West Coast. After a few disheartening phone calls, BINGO! I nailed down a grower who was very optimistic about getting me dahlias. And even better, they could probably get them in something close to the sherbet colors I was hoping for most. But even an optimistic grower is no guarantee. Flowers are a tricky, perishable product to be working with. And many factors revolving around Mother Nature could have dashed all our plans.

The day I got my hands on those dahlias was a joyful one! They were beautiful and perfect, and everything we needed to create a beautiful and perfect bouquet just for Bonnie.

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