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Erin's Bridals | Rich and Wild

Erin's bridals were all about drama and elegance. And I think she nailed it!

It was a crazy-windy day and her bouquet was put through quite the test. But it held together perfectly. In fact, looking back through these pictures, the wind seems to enhance the wild essence of her bouquet.

For her bouquet I picked hand-dyed silk ribbons, purchased from Seattle Wholesale Growers. The burgundy and grey highlighted the burgundy Ivanhoe Roses and the grey center of the King Protea.

First I created a bed of rich, green Italian and Israeli Ruscus. Then I laced the brown-purple agonis through it, making it a darker, richer bouquet.

With my flowers I made the protea the focal point of this bouquet. I love the spiky drama it brings. Then to highlight the center even more I placed a few sandy-pink Sahara roses near the protea, then moved them toward the edge, mapping them to lead our eyes to the protea. Filling in throughout the remainder of the bouquet I used burgundy carnations to support my zany Ivanhoe roses. ​

I love how the Ivanhoe roses brought a pop of lime green into the piece with their fuzzy-green centers.


For Erin's bridal crown I tied the burgundy clematis one by one into a viney base I had created. Over all of it I spiraled a loose, velvet ribbon in burgundy. I chose my colors carefully to compliment Erin's beautiful brown hair. I LOVE how it turned out.

I mean, look how beautiful this gal is! I'm honored to have such a beautiful person hold and wear my flowers!

All photos were taken via Jenna Evans Photography.

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