Abbie and Colin's Ballard Wedding

Abbie and Colin were some of the sweetest people I’ve ever worked with, and I could tell at the first consultation that they would be a joy to work with. They had a few things in mind for their wedding vision, but were willing to imagine with me and let me paint the landscape of venue décor.

When you hire a wedding professional, they can work with you to create something custom that hasn’t been done over and over, and something that works with your unique venue space. That’s exactly what we did for Abbie and Colin, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Starting with the bouquet, Abbie wanted it really small. The original picture she sent was four long stem roses and olive branches. She loved the look of that olive, so I knew I needed to include that. Her favorite flower are calla lilies, which as anyone who’s designed with them knows, are not easy to put with other flowers. It’s hard to blend their long line and have them share design space well.

Somehow, we needed to include them, though.

I also wanted to add some gray. They’d chosen white, green, and gray for their wedding colors, and during the consultation Abbie jokingly said something about wanting that last color in her flowers, “Not that there’s a gray flower out there.” I lit up and was so excited to tell her that there is a variation of rose called Early Gray, a really light lavender. Sometimes the crop leans a little more purple, but generally it is pretty gray. She was thrilled and definitely wanted to include it.

When I started to put her bouquet all together, I had to balance the shape. Abbie wanted it in a standard forward-facing Trill Floral design, but I couldn’t make it small enough. It’s really hard to make that design shape small without it feeling puny and bare.

After finishing her bouquet, I moved on to the bridesmaids’ flowers, which Abbie wanted even smaller in little delicate, forward-facing bouquets. But I kept looking back at hers and feeling dissatisfied. It knew it wasn’t what she wanted.

I decided that it was her wedding day, and that she had to have the bouquet of her dreams. I pulled it apart and blended two design styles, trusting that she’d be much happier with the end result.

I closely mimicked her inspiration picture, taking out almost half of the flowers already in there and leaving just six roses and five calla lilies. Then I collared it with olive, so it was more of a traditional hand-gathered, European style with spiraled stems. I don’t work with that design style very often, but I was so glad that I did because Abbie loved it. I’m so happy I followed my gut.

During the mad rush of wedding prep, it’s very useful to stick to the plan to make sure everything gets done, but you also have to remember those early consultations and ensure the overall vision is what the couple wants.

We put a calla lily in Colin’s boutonniere to make him pop and to help him match Abbie. For the groomsmen, we went with several different styles of boutonniere. It turned out so cute and fun.

The ceremony and reception took place at the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion on top of Hotel Ballard, which is a very narrow space that is great for small group weddings of about 80 to 100 people. There is a great view that we wanted to use behind Abbie and Colin during the ceremony, but we didn’t have much space for an arbor. I brought in my four-post arbor that is only 22 inches deep and sat perfectly in front of that view. Abbie wanted a little asymmetric corner of flowers on loosely laid vines. We used that gray rose she had gotten so excited about and added a few larkspurs for some line and white color. It turned out gorgeous.

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