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When Texas Marries Washington : Cassie and Barron's Seattle Wedding

When you have one family coming in strong from Texas and the other representing hard from Washington, it turns out you get an event to remember.

Talking through the color plans with Cassie for her bouquet was a fun conversation. The wedding themes were based off the Texas and Washington state flags. So where did that leave her bouquet colors?

Well Cassie loved red anemones—a fun change of pace, as white anemones are more commonly requested. But she wanted some blue, yellow and whites as well. With white ranunculus, blue delphiniums, and yellow ranunculus, I made a lush and full bouquet for her, to pop out against her sleek white dress. And I wrapped it in a shear chiffon ribbon, black to match her bridesmaids’ dresses. It was a statement piece to bring a pop of contrast to the black and white wedding attire.

For Barron’s boutonniere, it was important to Cassie that we used blue and green. I wired in blue delphinium florets and made his quite a bit larger than everyone else’s. After all, it’s his big day too and he deserved a stand-out floral piece. The remaining 22 boutonnieres (you read that number right) were done in textural greens.

When I arrived to hand off Cassie’s bouquet, her prep room was buzzing with ladies, including the sweetest mothers I think I’ve ever pinned corsages to.

Everyone was at such ease and there to celebrate someone they loved. It was the atmosphere I think we should all strive to achieve at a wedding.

Looking through the pictures afterward, I was so pleased to see how bright and lively Cassie’s bouquet and Barron’s boutonniere paired together.

Their pictures with the wedding party, brothers, ushers, friends and parents are full of laughs and smiles and you can see just how happy a day it truly was.

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