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A Fun and Modern Take on a Holiday Wedding

How do you make a holiday wedding not feel like you walked into the company Christmas party at Santa’s workshop? No disrespect to elves, but I went for fun and modern over highly traditional and couldn’t have been happier with the results.

I did this by building upon the traditional imagery of the holidays. Instead of using only straight red, I highlighted with peaches and pinks, and even some golden yellow on the tables. I added blue privet berries for even more color, and best of all, wrapped the bridal bouquet in bright royal blue velvet.

The maid of honor’s velvet dress played beautifully off of this, as she carried a smaller version of her best friend’s bridal bouquet.

Besides expanding outside of traditional colors, I layered everything to create a more modern look. Just like the layers of reds and pinks, I layered the bouquet as well as the flowers on the tables. You can even spot a few figs and pomegranates in the table centerpieces—another layer of something different.

To keep some holiday festiveness, I added cedar to every single piece of the wedding. Nowhere else was this more creatively done than with the cedar “chargers.” I created a starburst of cedar sprigs underneath each clear, glass charger, letting you look straight through your plate to the bit of cheer below.

Adding to the overall look, Balancing Balloons provided the glass plates and chargers, as well as the selection of wine goblets. The beautiful gold and burgundy goblets were definitely a fun focal spot of the table.

I designed the “wedding arbor” directly against the wall using white arbor draping and cedar garland to create the illusion of a frame around the couple. I finished it off with a deeply accented corner piece full of flowers, seed pods, and lots of texture to match the table settings.

To complete the look of the room I ran a cedar garland up the staircase of the adorable shoe repair shop in Capitol Hill where this event took place.

The end result was a small and intimate, modern and beautiful holiday wedding.

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