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5 Important Things to Ask at Your Floral Consultation

When first sitting down to talk to your florist, it’s easy to get swept away in the designs and planning. But there are a few crucial details you don’t want to forget to go over together. Sure, you can always email it out later if you both forget one of these, but so much time and confusion can be saved by quickly talking it out while you’re together.

It’s likely your florist will already be planning to talk about these things, but we’re all human and can forget a detail or two.

Jot these 5 things down before meeting with your florist, and as you feel your time is winding down, glance through your notes and double check that you’ve covered them all.

Trust me. These are the talking points that make the whole process smooth and clear moving forward.

1. “When can I expect to see your proposal?”

It’s okay to ask for a specific timeframe. After what was, hopefully, a really great conversation, its normal to be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what the pricing for your new wedding vision will look like. Save yourself from checking your inbox every hour and ask for a specific time frame.

It’s also a good test to learn how timely your florist is at the paperwork and emailing. If they stick to the timeframe they gave you, you can expect them to be prompt and organized on the backend of their business as well.

2. “When will my deposit and signed contract be due to hold my date?”

A lot of florists will set an expiration on their proposal, meaning they release your date if they haven’t heard back from you within a certain time frame. If you’re planning to sit down and query anyone else before committing, it’s a good idea to know exactly how much time you have before you lose your spot with the first business.

3. “What payment plans do you offer?”

It’s good to know what your options are. Whether you want to pay it all up front and not have to worry about it later on, or if you want to break it up as much as possible, it can help to know before you book what your financial commitment is should you move forward.

4. “What will our time look like between now and my wedding date?”

It’s good to be clear when you’ll be meeting again next, when all your payments are due and how much communication to expect in the months between booking and walking down the aisle. The last thing you want is radio silence for months on end, then wonder if your florist is still booked with you.

5. “What will the day-of look like on your end?”

It’s always reassuring to have a clear idea of what all your vendors will be doing on your wedding day. And if you’re planning to have your personal flowers delivered off-site for pictures before the ceremony, this is the time to discuss those delivery and setup plans. If they have to flip and tear down, you’ll want to know what that will look like and how it may affect your guests.

And there you have it. 5 things to ask your florist during your consultation. Did you jot them down? Remember to show up to your appointment with your notes! Your florist certainly will.

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